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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A great day out at Stitches

What a great day we had at the Stitches show at NEC yesterday. I say we, my husband ( he who hates all things crafty!) took me. I don't think the day had quite the same appeal to him as it did for me!
I have put in my order for Sizzix. Wow what lovely dies and Emboss folders they have. Of course the new Tim  Holtz stuff if Fantastic.


 I did see Tim there but I was too late to see a demo by him as he was leaving for QVC. Have you seen the TSV they have. Mine is ordered!
Anyway back to Sizzix. I met the lovely Pete Hughes.
Here I am standing behind the Sizzix counter with Pete. Oh what a wonderful job that would be
You know Tim gets a lot of coverage, well he is great isn't he? But Pete doesn't get the attention that I think he deserves. He was so helpful, very humble and he has some really fab ideas. I think I will set up a Pete Hughes fan club!!!!!
So here are some of my photos of the day.
I got to see Dawn ( Allpinkgirl) from Imagination. She is sooooooo glamorous. I felt a bit like a scruff next to her. She is a really lovely girl and so very talented. never got to get a photo with her.
I met up with Samantha too from Penrith Crafts .

The lovely Samantha and me
We stood by each other last year at the Tim Holtz demo and never realised we were blogging buddies. So we arranged to meet up this year. Hi Samantha it was really lovely to meet up with you. Hope you had a safe journey home and a good nights sleep!!!!
I did a workshop . What happened to me!!!!!!!! It was like my Maths "o" Level all over again. Now I class myself as a fairly good, competent craft teacher and most of my work is of a fairly good standard. But in that workshop....oh my. I went to pieces.( The reference to my maths is that I could do the maths fine in class . The moment I was in an exam situation I went to pieces, blank mind, couldn't remember a thing ) I put my template upside down, I cut out the wrong pieces ....twice. I stuck things in the wrong places................
I wont even post a picture of it.
Why did this happen? any comments will be greatly received!
Well today I have my card group so hopefully "Sarah" is back to normal....whatever that is.
Have a great day
hugs Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah,

    Glad you had a fab day out at the show, I didnt get to make it this year Boo!!!!. Totally agreed with you about Pete, I have met him a couple of times at the show and he does have some fabby ideas very nice man too. Last time I saw him, me and my friend were talking to him and she called the BIG SHOT a Big Shit!!!! well we couldnt talk for laughing after that.
    Lyndsey xx
    Lyndsey xx

  2. Ohh what a WONDERFUL day you had, TFS!!!

  3. loved seeing all your photos!! TFS!! Hugs Juls

  4. Sounds as if you had a great time at Stitches Sarah! I'm sooooooo jealous!! xx

  5. great photos sarah.looks like you had a fab day :D

    xx coops xx

  6. Hi Sarah :O)
    Thanks for your sweet comment!
    It must be so very inspiring to go out on a trip like this one, and easy to use money i suspect!! :OD
    Wishing you a good evening and a lovley weekend.
    Hugs Nina xx

  7. Hi Sarah,

    Wonderful to hear you had such a fun day, your pics are lovely as well! I think you are just used to doing things your own way, in your own pace and not used to following up instructions, with 'guided creativity', then you can not really do your own thing... don't worry, you are a wonderful crafter!!!

    Hugs, Wendy

  8. Hiya hun, thank you for your sweet sweet comment..
    looks like and sounds like you had a ball, apart from when things wobbled a bit for you on the workshop.. put it down to pressure.. too many goodies on show .. takes away the concentration... I take my hat off to you for doing workshops.. i would just melt into a bumbling mess.. or go totally hyper and super chatty.. which is what i tend to do when nervous, i come across as a total nutter.. hehe.
    love all the delish pictures that you have shown. i am drooling which is not a pretty site.. :)
    and a shout out to your hubby for going along with you..
    Thanks for sharing hun.. hugs RAch xx

  9. ARGH!!!! teheheheee!!!! there we are!! tehehhee!! That's a great picture! will add that one to my blog too! It was so nice to actually speak to each other this time knowing we were! ehheheee I had a fab weekend but wow was I tired! Beautiful cards on your blog hunny! see you next time! tehhehe :0)



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