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Sunday, 11 March 2012

Plague of frogs

Every year at this time our garden turns into Little Egypt ( remember the Bible story of the 10 plagues....the one about the frogs?)

Well we have hundreds of them in our pond and they are a noisy bunch too.

If I lived in France I could make a fortune. They eat fogs legs don't they?

Froggy Hugs Sarah x


  1. Oh dear Sarah, hope that don't drive you hopping mad lol!!!. Funny you should post this as Abbie has just coming running in from outside saying there is a frog hopping around our garden !!.
    Lyndsey xx

  2. That reminds me of a place I lived at when I was a young child. One time it appeared to be raining frogs. But as far as selling them in France, I think you'd have to collect a whole lot more that these, as these look like they'd only be a small bite size (I guess they could be sold as an appetizer. LOL). Hugs, dj

  3. Awwww how cute Sarah...and we have a few too...but not that

    and BLW...I will be at Ally Pally on the Sat... :o)

    big hugs Vicky xx

  4. I tasted them only once - they tasted almost like chicken - so I´m a peasant and stay to eating chicken ;-)

  5. HI Sarah, what a lot of frogs you have. I remember a cat we once had bringing one into the kitchen. We thought he had taken it out again but we found it dried up under the oven months later ughh.
    I am not at Olympia this weekend as I am off to Paris for my birthday, but have fun. I should be at Ally pally though if you are going.
    hugs {brenda} xox

  6. lol Sarah the french sure do eat them not for me though lol great pics hun the noise must do your heads in xx

  7. Awwww!! You are so lucky!! I love frogs and wish I had them in my pond. I got my hubby to build the pond with great expectations of loads of lovely froggys hopping about but NOOOO! his goldfish eat anything that moves so, poor little tadpoles wouldn't stand a chance :(
    Fiona L x

  8. As noisy as they are, means spring is finally here, so yey!

  9. That's a lot of frogs! We have quite a few too once the weather warms up. I love listening to them in the evening.

  10. lol Sarah, rather you than me, we had just one jump up in our garden and you never heard anyone scream so loud lol, I'm petrified of them, I don't know why, maybe because they jump out at you. Good luck lol. Hugs Teresa xx

  11. Awww so fun, yes french eat frogs' legs and I ate them once yum yum :D



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