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Saturday, 24 April 2010

Totally Gorjuss Dt card and my poorly Dad

My dad went into hospital as an emergency with a severe water infection on Monday.  2 lots of antibiotics failed over the past few weeks. He has been so unwell going to bed at 4;30 p.m. Aches, pains, very high blood pressure. He went in as emergency at 10:am on Monday and was still sitting on a chair in the corridor at 11:30PM as there was no bed.!!!!! He is 85! And he hadn't been given anything to eat since 12:00. He has had antiobiotics injected via a drip  every day since Monday and is feeling a lot better. Just doesn't seem right does it. He came out yesterday. He has suffered with these problems for anout 15 years and they have now discovered that he has Ecoli!!!! and has probably had it for 15 years. Hopefully this strong medication will sort him out.Any more problems and he has to go straight into hospital and on the drip/medication again.
Anyway here is my DT card for Totally Gorjuss. This week you have to use a Gorjuss girl on your card. Very nervous knowing who is sponsoring this week, Suzanne Woolcott. Hope you like it.
Enjoy the lovely weather
If you get the chance I love to read your comments
love sarah XXX


  1. hi hun firstly i really hope your dads on the mend dads are so precious to us girls i know you'll agree so a big get well soon flying his way from me.
    secondly how adorable is your card they look great all together they remind me of my nieces so you have given me great inspiration for a little gift for them so thankyou
    keep smiling
    Lorraine xx

  2. Hey Sarah!! Hope your father gets well is wishing him good health and a long life!!

    Your card is just so lovely!! Loved the girls, the blue and the bling!!

  3. I really hope that your Dad gets better soon, I know what your going through right now, my Dad had cancer a while ago and it turned my world upside down.

    As for your card ~ it's adorable!

    Hugs, Emma x

  4. Hugs to you and your Dad.

    Love your card, so PRETTY.

  5. Sorry to hear that your dad is poorly and hope he gets better very soon.

    Such a gorgeous card Sarah. Love the image you've used and the colours also. Hugs Michele x

  6. Beautiful card Sarh, i love the colours and pretty embellishing. Hope your dads feels better soon x

    Fern xx

  7. So sorry to hear about your Dad Sarah. Hope he is soon on the mend. It does make you cross when you hear of people having these unbelievable waits for a bed. Its unforgiveable really. I've had this problem with my dad when he was suffering from gangrene. The waiting is just awful. Sending you BIG ((hugs)).
    Your card is Totally Gorjuss & very inspirational. Just love the colours you have chosen. Great choice. :D
    Take care & fingers crossed for your Dad.

  8. Sorry to read about your dad Sarah, my friend was hospitalised with the same thing last week and spent 6 days in hospital on IV drips but she is home now and doing much better, hoipe your dad makes a speedy recovery.

    Love your card, I have not used a GG for ages and ages - must get them inked again x

  9. So sorry to hear about your dad Sarah. Hers wishing him a full and speedy recovery :-)
    This card is lvoely. I love how you have put 3 of the Gorjuss girls together.

  10. So sorry to hear about your dad Sarah, it is so sad that this sort of thing is still happening to old people but very pleased that he finally got the treatment that he deserved. Hope he carries on and makes a speedy recovery.
    Love your Gorjuss card
    Max x

  11. Hi Hun xx Sorry to hear your Dad has been ill..and im sending him cyber get well wishes xx

    Your card is gorgeous how you've used 3 images...and the colours are gorgeous.TFS Hugs Clare xx
    Hope your having a lovely weekend xx

  12. Sarah, I am so sorry to hear about the problems your Dad has been having. ANd knowing now that he might have had this for 15yrs. I will keep him, you and your family in my prayers that he make a full recovery from this and that they can get a handle on it!!
    On another note your card is just GORGEOUS!! Love all the overlaying you did of the images!! And I love the softness of the colors!! Just beautiful!!

  13. Oh my goodness Sarah I am so sorry that your Dad has been suffering so and that he had such a horrible experience at hospital. It is so hard to cope with what is going on in the NHS at the moment. I am so relieved that they have got to the bottom of his problems and can now act quickly if he falls ill again. Wish him well from me.
    I love your beautiful card!
    Such a wonderful design and those colours are gorgeous!
    kim x

  14. sorry to hear about your dad! Hope he is feeling better soon! Thinking of you.

    I love your card all those GG look great together! Hugs Juls

  15. Hi Sarah, sorry to hear your dad has been unwell, I know just how painful a water infection can be and really sympathise with hom. But hopefully he will be on the mend soon sending him speedy recovery wishes. I can totally understand with regard to the hosptial there was a shortage of beds when I was in there a few weeks back and I waited hours for a bed, then they couldn't wait to kick me out of it once the op was done.
    Lyndsey xx
    ps your card is gorgeous too, love the making on the images and the colours look fab. Loving the bling swirl.

  16. Hi Hunny I hope your Dad is now feeling mush better< sorry I missed this post it was when I was suck in bed ill! anyhow I hope he has made a speedy recovery and he is now home safe and well!

    Love the card too! so cute! speak soon hugs Samantha :0)



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