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Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Card Collection that supports Ovarian Cancer

I was so thrilled to find that I had received an award from Rachel at Queen La Rubba. Thank you. I was surprised to receive it. If you have never visited Rachel's blog, you MUST!!!!!
Now I must send it to 12 other crafters,. This is the hard bit and because I really can't single out 12 bloggers I am sending it to ALL of you.Enjoy
Today in Card Club we had an easy session. I bought the La Patisserie Deluxe Card Collection with Donation to Charity, in this case Ovarian Cancer. The cards are very easy to put together. I just felt it was a way of helping research into this awful disease that is never really spoken about and doesn't get the same coverage as say Breast Cancer and yet about 4,000 women die needlessly from it every year! The kit cost £14.99 + £2.99 p.p.
Each lady made 3 or 4 cards. I made these 6 cards and there is enough left to make another 20 cards!
I hope you like them
Love sarah XX


  1. these are gorgeous and for a wonderful charity too xx

  2. Hello Sarah,

    Wow, you did good on this, both on the cards and on the charity. It's good, I think, to put this in the picture this way! And I also like a lot the cards! Very nice and yummie! ;-)


  3. oo! Cupcakes! Those are yummy cards, and it's such a good cause to support. You're right, breast cancer gets a lot of attention, but ovarian is never mentioned. It's good that you're spreading the word like this!

  4. Thanks for supporting this charity so close to my heart. My Mum had, but thank God recovered from this awful disease aged only 29! xx Jenny xx

  5. OMGosh just look at all these yummy cards.. You have been busy.. they are all just wonderful..
    Hugs, Linda

  6. Great cards hunny and awesome charity! love cupcakes but I am on a diet! Tut!! after the wedding I'll have one thanks tehehehee :0)
    lov Samantha :)

  7. Great cards Sarah and for such a wonderful charity!!



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