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Sunday, 8 August 2010

who's Hugo?

It was our 28th Wedding Anniversary yesterday and thank you to everyone who sent us best wishes. We went to a friends house foer a Jamaican meal and our other friends who will celebrate their 25th on Monday were there too.
This is the card I made for Michael. The first thing he said when he opened it was,
"Who's Hugo?"
"That doesn't say Hugo" I said " It says Hugs"
At least he liked the cars on it. Here is a picture too of the flowers he sent me ( so I will be adding a bit more to my Anniversary candy).
I was impressed that he had visited my friend Tracey who does floristry and ordered and then later collected these gorgeous flowers. So I will forgive him for saying "Who's Hugo?"
Aren't the flowers beautiful?
We have just been for a Chinese lunch with my mum and dad. It was delicious.
See you soon
Love Sarah X


  1. "who is hugo" indeed, i am laughing my head off, while my hubby wants to know whats so funny. Ha ha ha. Only a man could ask, i saw the hugs straight away, ha ha ha
    I think it was a great idea, love your cars

  2. OH MY, i fogot to tell you i think he made up for the faux pas with these flowers. Happy anniversary

  3. LOL! That is so funny...sounds like something my hubby would say! :P The card is great and I LOVE LOVE LOVE those flowers!! Stunning!! I would say he gets a gold star for sure! hehe!
    Glad to hear you had a wonderful anniversary together!

  4. Hugo! LOL!!!! That is just fabulous - and worrying as that's what I saw too! Then I put my specs on and saw the Hugs. Brilliant card hun, and lucky you with those gorgeous flowers - almost makes the 28 years worth it. Many congratulations on an impressive anniversary for a woman who still looks 35! Hugs, Sxxx

  5. HUGO lol how funny glad you had a lovely time with your friends and again Happy Anniversary Sarah.The 'hugo'card is great;) and omg those flowers are absolutely beautiful.It must have been lovely having lunch with your parents too.
    hugs to you
    Lorraine xx

  6. Hi Sarah,

    Ha ha, who's Hugo? And that's what he askes you on your anniversary? Hi hi!! No, I can understand the mistake a little, but it's a silly question of course, hi hi. But, wauw! Those flowers are sooooo very pretty!! He did a pretty good job on that! Very impressive bouquet! Beautiful! How nice you all went out!!
    All the best to you!

    Hugs, Wendy

  7. Couldn't understand why your post was headed "who's Hugo?" cos I was reading "Hugs" on your card lol!

    I think he redeemed himself with the gorgeous flowers though.

    Kat xx

  8. Happy Anniversary Sarah.
    Boy you made me laugh with the 'whose Hugo' just typical of a man to come out with something like that! Looks clear enough to me.
    But the flowers are most gorgeous so I guess he can be forgiven.
    Love Elaine xx

  9. That's the most beautiful bouqet I've ever seen!! Wonderful!!! :D
    And - LOL - I'll be thinking of your hubby as Hugo from now on... :D

    Big hug and lots of love!!!

  10. Happy Anniversary Sarah :o) - beautiful flowers - Hugo?? How funny typical of a man tho lol - sorry I didn't post earlier been busy setting up my new blog venture - if you get time pop over and have a look - I'm selling my own digital sentiments
    ClickHere to have a look
    xx Lynne xx

  11. LOL!!!!.........Love the Anniversary card! and your flowers are just beautiful! Hugs Juls

  12. Your flowers are stunning!! I'm VERY envious! xx

  13. Hey Chick!!...Gorgeous flowers and a fabby card
    as for My updates i had loads of trouble when i had to change my blog so you might have to re-follow as my URL changed either that or update with URL rather than blogs you follow??...

    Debs x

  14. Hi Sarah

    Thought I had better pop in whilst I remember to wish you a wondeful holiday. We have done that 'version' and it's fabulous, I know you will enjoy.

    Trouble is, afterwards there is this mega catch up to do and just not enough time.

    Have fun.

    B x



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