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Thursday, 30 September 2010

Getting ready for the wedding

Emma and I went to town today as she said I could NOT wear black to the wedding ( she is bridesmaid to her friend tomorrow). I ALWAYS wear black!
We looked everywhere and I tried on lots of things and although I have lost 1 Stone so far I looked awful in so many out fits.
Well in the end I did buy a long dress and guess what? It's black!
I have some amazing shoes too. Just hope I can walk in them. Mu hair attire and bag are light grey. I will post a photo ....if Blogger works!!!!!


  1. Sarah, those shoes are so cute!! I'd never be able to walk in them!! I love the grayish silver
    accessories and I want to see the dress!! Hope it goes well!! Great excuse to go shopping for a new outfit!!!

  2. Hiya Sarah

    LOVE thse shoes, you will look FAB!

    Sarah x

  3. Those shoes are really amazing! Have a fab day tomorrow! Susie x

  4. Amazing shoes but i wouldn't be able to walk in them lol, hope you have a lovely day. luv gina xx

  5. Wow Sarah thos shoes are to die for. Have a great day tomorrow.
    Max x

  6. Now those are some shoes Sarah - have a great day. B xxxx

  7. Wow Sarah these look fabby. Don't think I could walk in those shoes though! BTW when my daughter got married her bridesmaids wore black and I also wore black but with a touch of red. Enjoy the wedding and looking forward to seeing your dress.

    Kat xx

  8. Wicked shoes Sarah.

    Have a fab time at the wedding and the most important thing is you feel comfy.

    B x

  9. Hi Sarah it's me again. I hope you've had a good day and hopefully missed the rain we have had here.
    Please pop over to my blog, I have left something for you.
    Luv B xxxx

  10. ooohh...they look gorgeous chick :0)
    cant wait to see the outfit!!

    Debs x

  11. Ooh Sarah those shoes are TDF!!!! Have a great day and enjoy yourself :o) xx Lynne xx
    PS Congrats on losing a stone xx
    PPS pop over to my sentiments blog - I HAVE CANDY!!! xx

  12. Fabby shoes hun. Hope we get to see a pic of your new outfit. :) Have a fabby time. Hugs, Gez.xx



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