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Monday, 21 March 2011

A tragic start to the day..........

Hello blogging friends.
Hope you are all well.
 My husband took me down to Olympia on Saturday for the Stitches show. We nearly didn't get there though. At 8.00 a.m there was a horrific accident on the M40. An ambulance sped past us, then we saw an air ambulance circle and land right next to us. Traffic on the outer lane had slowed then stopped, Police stopped traffic, we were the 5th card in line and I don't know how many miles of cars were stopped behind  us eventually. At 9:15 a news report on the radio said the Motorway had been closed and probably wouldn't open again until mid afternoon!!

Fortunately they did reopen the third lane so that we could filter through. I have never seen so many response vehicles. 3 fire engines, several ambulances, Police cards 2 Forensic collision cars. Fire engines were maneuvered to block out as much of the accident as possible so that we couldn't see much. However what we did see was horrific We know that the Driver of a delivery lorry somehow drove into the back of a huge mobile crane and was killed. What was left of his cab was dreadful and the injuries sustained, the police told us, I couldn't mention to you.

Since then I can't stop thinking about the poor family who would have received the dreadful news of the loss of a family member.. My heart goes out to them. They are in my prayers.

 What I will say is that seeing something like that so close puts all our everyday worries and problems into perspective and any bad feelings you have with someone should be put to one side because you don't know what could happen. There is a scripture in the Bible that says " time and unforseen occurence befall us all" Ecclesiastes 9:11 and it is very true
Please all of you take care

On to some thing a bit cheerier
The show at Olympia started of slow but eventually picked up. I met so many lovely people and some old faces too.

Here are some pics of me working!!!!! (more like playing really)

With my new glasses. I look more like Nana Mouskouri!!!! I am really showing my age now!

With Sarah, owner of Hotshotcrafts

Here are three cards I made with the New Forever Friends papers exclusive to hobby craft. They are for sale on Ebay now ( i think I already have some bids on them)

 Hugs sarah x


  1. Sarah your card is the SWEETEST!!

  2. Hi Sarah,

    Sorry you had such a rotten start to your day....Its awful to witness an accident like that.

    Your stand looks fabulous, so many gorgeous goodies and I love your card, so sweet and romantic!!!

    Been having a good nosey at all your fab cards that I missed while I was away, such an inspiring collection!

    hugs Juls

  3. Oh Sarah, not a happy start to your day, I am sorry. I know what you mean about putting our life into perspective - these things do.
    Fab pics and gorgeous cards. Looking forward to seeing you next Sunday.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  4. It does sound like you had an awful start of the week. I hope the rest of the week will be better.

    I really like it where you work. So many great things at one place! If I worked in a place like this I think I'll spend my salary before I'd even got it. lol

    Oh,and those cards you made are adorable. :)


  5. Hi Sarah your card looks great & so does the stand :)

    What a shocking start to your day it does make you count your blessings.

    Sending you (((hugs))) Gez.xx

  6. oh how sad but i am glad you made it looks great there and the cards are stunning so adorable too xx

  7. Hi Sarah, i agree what a shame for the family involved, and all of the emergency crew too, cant be easy having a job like that. Makes one think!
    I love your vintage boxes in the post after this one!
    Hope you have a good day
    Hugs Nina x



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