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Monday, 9 November 2009

A great NEC

HI everyone, especially all of you who came to the Hotshotcrafts stand and said hello ( and bought Promarkers too, I reckon there will be a colouring frenzy going on now!!!!)
The show was a great success. It was packed with people. Unfortunately for me I didn't really get the chance to shop ( boo hoo ) because we were so busy. I desperately need double sided sticky tape and usually buy 24 rolls to keep me going in card lessons until the next show and never managed to get any. Does any one know of any one selling them at the show prices (12 rolls for £5? I think).
I did manage to get 2 Magnolia stamps ( gorgeous), and 2 Sizzix dies. (Keep checking the blog was new ideas)
The Greetings Farm and Whiff of Joy stamps went well and Hotshot crafts have new stocks in in 2 weeks as we sold out of many of them.
I met so many lovely people, a couple have already left lovely comments on my blog. I will visit all of you too.
Hello to the teachers from Birmingham who went to my old school Swanshurst Girls.
Hi to Dawn from Allpinkgirl. You must visit her blog. I'm envious because she is on the design team for Whiff of Joy. You must see her cards.
And a big thanks to mum and dad who visited sundy and brought us sandwiches, cakes and drinks!
I was also asked for my autograph!!!!. Perhaps I'll be famous one day, watch out Dawn Bibby !!!!!
Anyway I'm leaving you with pictures of me demonstrating at NEC taken by some of my friends who come to my card lessons. Goodness, what faces I pull!!!!
See you soon
Love Sarah XXX


  1. You look to be having a super time! I hope to make the next one.

    And you're very glamorous!

  2. Oh hi Sarah,
    Looks like you were a huge success!
    I too didn't have a chance to shop!
    Hopefully next year I can say hello!
    kim x

  3. Wow,you are so great with Promakers...I just starting to try it 4 weeks ago. And i think it's so fun! :)

  4. Hi Sarah xxxx
    fab photos xxx huge thanks for the comments on my blog
    yes the cards in sir stampalot are mine lolxxx
    i work for janice when i can
    top tip on the card stock ,works like a dream owe you big time xxx
    hugs Dawnxxx

  5. Looked like you had a great time, glad it was such a success. I would have loved to come but I don't think the kids would have tolerated it, hopefully there will be something similar in Manchester soon. Suzie x

  6. Hi Sarah, I really enjoyed the Demos on Sunday and I brought the Four seasons pens because of it but Can you tell me what ones you use to get nice warm skin tones please. Di x

  7. Hi Di
    couldn't find a blog for you so I hope you look back here for an answer.
    I use the skin tones pack of Promarkers. The colours are
    Ivory for all over the face
    Satin for around the edges and into the middle
    blush for unfer the hairline, hats etc and the side of the face if you want to show shadow
    then in a circular motion go over the whole face with you lightest colour (Ivory). This should give you warm tones to your image. Try practicing a few times on card or use the card sold on the stand at the show. (Hotshotcrafts ... they have the card and the pens in stock.
    Hope this helps you. Please let me know if you need any more help and perhaps you could send me pics of your cards too
    Love Sarah XXX

  8. Hi Sarah!

    It was nice to see you at the NEC and thank you for your help with stocking us up with ProMarkers!! I agree I think there will be a colouring frenzy after this! So glad the stamps were popular too!! Hopefully we will have more of a chance to chat next time... Dulcie xx



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