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Thursday, 14 January 2010

Craft tip for the day #1

I have decided to post a daily craft tip ( it might not appear every day)
Today's tip is:
#1. Save money by buying a packet of double sided sticky foam pads ( about 8 sheets) with a roll of double sided foam tape from Poundland ( or similar shop) for £ 1. Each sheet has about 32 foam pads. ( approx 256 foam pads in all)
Cut each pad into between 2 - 6 pieces ( dependant on what you are using it for). This will give you plenty of small foams pads for £ 1 , between 512 and 1536 double sided foam pad. Far better value than if you buy 1 sheet of foam pads from a craft shop for the same money.
You will also still have a whole roll of tape to cut up and use.

I use Fiskars non -stick childrens' scissors as they are half the price of say X Cut adult non - stick scissors. I bought them from Hobbycraft. When I have finished with them I just wipe them over with a hot flannel

happy sticking
Love Sarah XXX

1 comment:

  1. Oh bless you hun - I got some of these from The Range not so long back and now my scissors are nicely sticky. Next job on list: find nail polish remover! Hugs, Squirrel xx



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