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Friday, 23 July 2010

Hello my sweet friends

Ooh it was so lovely to read your comments on my last post. I am so glad to be back. This week has been hectic, but not with card making. It was the last week of term. We finished today at 3.00pm and I have just got in , mowed the lawn and thought I had better get back to some blogging and craft work! We always have a staff end of term buffet and this time I was in sole charge. I had everyone's contributions and then had to shop ( took 3 afternoons to make sure I got the best value for money), cook and then on Thursday morning layout the buffet food and tables. Another teaching assistant helped too. We work well together as we each know what jobs to do and another teacher helped with the tables and collecting the freshly made samosas. I bought white flat bed sheets to use as tablecloth's and cut out pink table mats from my Sizzix Pro. I bought some 25p beer glasses and filled them with crumbled up pink paper and put 2 pink flower stems in. I don't know why I didn't take a picture!
Finally I put some tealights on the tables too. The buffet served about 48 members of staff and was successful, with loads of food left over.
Also on Wednesday we had a staff meal out to say goodbye to 3 members of staff who were retiring. In the photo I am the one who looks huge in the black and white dress. Maxi dresses do nothing for me.I was up from 2.00 am that morning as we had to pick up one of Daniels friends so that we could take them to B/ham airport as they were going on holiday.
So a very busy week. Roll on the 6 weeks holidays!!!!!!!
Here are a few more of the samples I made for Sarah at Hotshotcrafts. If you want to buy the Kanban stamps I used there is a link at the top of my sidebar
Have a fab weekend
Love sarah XXX
So a very


  1. Wow it looks like you had a lot of fun!!! Fabulous collection of cards too...Just perfect for the chaps!! Hugs Juls

  2. What a great pic!! Looks like a great time was had by all!! I love the kanban kits - in fact i bought one today as my daughter passed her driving test - the pink car one :o) xx Lynne xx

  3. HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Glad the end of term went well and the buffet you prepared - what alot of work, but well done you.
    Now have a really good break, some rest and fantastic r and r. Just what is needed at the end of a busy academic year. I am with you. xx
    Lovely set of cards you have created as well - how have you found the time????
    Luv B xxx

  4. Enjoy the next 6 weeks! Sounds like the buffet was a huge success and well done on getting it all organised!

    Great selection of cards, I love the vespa/lambretta and the VW camper images - may just treat myself when payday comes around next week!

    By the way, you do not look huge, that maxi dress looks lovely on you!

    Sarah x

  5. Are you joking Net? You look gorgeous in that maxi dress! We are our own best critics, as the saying goes!

    Looks like you had a lot of fun!

  6. The maxi dress looks fantastic on you!

    Have a relaxing holiday, you have certainly earned it with all that hard work!

  7. Oh Sarah you are way too hard on yourself.. That Maxi dress looks fab on you!! And look so pretty in it and so happy!! You did alot to make this End of term buffet a hit!! Looks like everyone had a great time!! Happy Holidays!!!



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