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Tuesday, 20 July 2010

I'm back - no longer MIA!!!!!

Phew after what seems like a lifetime I am back on the blogging scene, but for how long I don't know.
As some of you may know we have recently had some terrible problems with out internet provider, SKY. They had blocked us  (switched us off ) twice and lo and behold they did it again a week ago Monday. They don't give us any notice, they don't email us, ring us or send us a letter. One minute we are working on the computer and the next the internet is gone completely. They won't even tell us what the problem is so that we can rectify it!!!! I can tell you we have been mad angry here in this little part of Wolverhampton! It has been devastating for my husband and daughter as a lot of work is done in the evenings on the computer and they haven't been able to do anything. I haven't been able to fulfill my DT duties (I have only just joined one Challenge blog recently on the DT team, what must they think?) and of course I haven't commented on all your blogs either. I have a lot to catch up with so please bear with me.

On to happier things. I was at the Summer Crafting show at Doncaster on Saturday and was demoing for Sarah at Hotshot crafts. She has all the latest Kanban stamps and all with FREE p+p!!! You can click on the link at the top of my side bar to order. The stamps are really good quality and some of them are very similar to LOTV. I had 2 days to make 42 cards and I am glad to say I did it! How I am not sure ,,,no housework or cooking!!!
I also got to meet the lovely Net, owner of the Totally Gorjuss blog and we had a little natter. I will try to upload a card as soon as poss Net,as long as I don't get blocked again! The day was sooooo busy,. It was like the NEC. Over the next few days I will upload some of the samples I made.
It is so good to be back. Please leave a comment as I have been very lonely this past week!!!
Love sarah XXX
p.s. I have just noticed that on the first picture of me with Net I look like I have been self harming! Honestly I haven't. Those are 2 oven burns. Really, cooking is far to dangerous a hobby. It's much safer working with sharp scissors, guillotines and sharp craft knives!!!!!


  1. Hi Sarah

    Don't mention Sky to me, we only have our satelite TV with them, but grief did we have problems. The box broke, several visits and it was beyond repair, next the hard sell to go HD.

    We had been thinking about it anyway so agreed, signed up and guess what - bearing in mind this was February - we got a call from their instalatin department to tell us the "good news" they cold isntall our new HD box in June.

    I was fuming and after several calls - waiting an hour sometimes, they could ot bring it forward due to high deman - World Cup and all that, so I wrote to cancel. What a surpise that I got an e.mail within a day to say they had a cancellation and could intal the next week.

    I myst have spent hours on the phone to them waiting in their susyem adn sure you ahve done the same. So fully sympathise.

    On to crafting, pleased you had a good time at Doncater. Bit too far for me though.

    I am off on hold Friday so you will kow why I am missing.

    B x

  2. AAHH!! Sarah, we certainly have missed you, i know how you feel not being able to get on the net, i had similar problems a couple of weeks ago and almost got heart palpitations. How nice to have met up with Net, hope you had a lovely weekend at the show

  3. Welcome back to blogland Sarah - it sure has been quite without you around ;-)

    Glad to hear you had a fab time at the crafty event and wow super woman on all those cards!

    I am always covered in burns and look like I self harm too LOL

    Sarah x

  4. Welcome Back Sarah - we've missed u!!!! Sorry to hear about all your problems :o( - can't believe you made 42 cards - wow!!! :o) xx Lynne xx

  5. Sorry to hear you've been having problems as well! Such a shame for your hubby & daughter. Great to see you at the show with Net. FAB cards too.xx
    Best wishes, Gez.xx

  6. Missed you Sarah, great to have you back. You must have been so busy making all these cards.

    I've just changed my broadband to Post Office (have my phone with them too) and it was so simple. I was really worried I'd end up being without at the change-over but no probs. What I really like about the PO system is that you get to speak to a real person almost straight away. Spent ages trying to get a hold of my old provider to leave them and then about 5 mins to sign up to the PO.

    BTW great to see the pics of you with Net.

    Kat xx

  7. Hi Sarah!

    I missed you! God thats a lot of cards to make in a short number of hours, well done u made it!
    We are just about to do some internet changing here too, so fingers crossed it all goes smoothly! and that they find out and fix your problem asap, how annoying for you all!

    What fun that you met up with Net, You know how you get a picture of someone in your head when you havn't seen a photo of them... Well I was sure Net had dark straight bobbed hair!! I have no idea why either I just did, and I couldn't have been more wrong :OD

    Have a great week.

    Hugs Nina x

  8. OMG!

    You say you looked like a self harmer Sarah...who was poking me with that sharp stick then??

    It was fab to meet you though.

    Your cards are even more stunning in real life!

  9. Hi Sarah!

    Great that you are back, you look great on the pics as well! What a fabulous amount of cards you made there, very very impressive!!! Too bad you are having so many problems with the internet, that's a bad thing in these times! You would think that by now those companies would know what to do to solve the problems, right?! Well, hope you will stay online now!!! I love having you around, here in Blogland!! ;-) All the best to you, dear Sarah!


  10. Hello Sarah! Lonely, huh? I can't imagine you'd be lonely for long - you look as social as the rest of us! Sweet, sweet cards - wanna see more of those pls!

    Lovely to see piccies of Net - I bet she was as funny in person as she is on the blog!

  11. HI My Sweet Friend Sarah!! So sory to hear you have been having such a crazy time with you internet!! And sorry you have been so lonely!! We make so many friends here on Blog Land!!
    I have had such a hard time trying to get to everyones blog and comment the last few weeks have been so crazy!!
    Look at all those cards!!! Even if I don't cook clean, or sleep I still couldn't make 40 cards in a week let alone 2 days!! Amazing!!
    Well I'm off to commwent on your newest post!!
    Hugs Sarah,



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