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Monday, 13 December 2010

Feeling under the weather/ I won some blog candy

Hi everyone
I had a rough weekend with this virus that going around. I never ate anything yesterday. A first for me!
The kids at school on Friday were dropping like flies , as were the teachers, so I am not surprised I was ill too. My head is still pounding and I have such bad backache and I can't get warm.
Anyway enough of the depressing stuff.

Saturday afternoon's lesson we made these calender cards. They are so quick and easy to make and the calenders themselves are very cheap to buy.( i didn't start to feel ill until the end of X Factor. Were you happy with the results? I didn't mind which of the 3 won. Although I did have a leaning towards One Direction. A young girl who used to come to cards lessons was in the same class as Liam!) 

Also some good news, for me anyway,. I won Maddy's blog candy. Now that certainly made me feel better. Maddy is a super crafter. Her projects are all amazing. Thank you Maddy.
Keep away from all those germs!!!!
Hugs sarah x


  1. So sorry to hear your not feeling well....that time of year for sure! Make sure to rest up!

    Your calendars are really pretty! I might try and make one to send to my aunt out of state!

    Congrats on your winnings!! :)

  2. Hope you are feeling better soon! Sorry to hear you were ill, but happy that you won some candy to cheer you up.

  3. Hi Sarah

    So sorry you have the bug, so much of it about which is at odds with cold weather as that usually kills them off.

    One of ours was sent home Friday under the weather and our daughter who is a teacher is keeping it all crossed it avoids her.

    Some super calendar cards, such a lovely idea and as easel stand up so nicely ideal.

    Hope you feel better soon.

    B x

  4. ADORABLE calendars Sarah! Love them all, great colors and details! CONGRATS on winning the blog candy, isn't that fun!!! Hugs, J.

  5. sorry to hear you are not feeling well at the mo....Hope you are feeling better soon!!

    All of these makes are just gorgeous! Hugs Juls



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