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Friday, 31 December 2010

Handmade warm scarf

Well I thought we were all on the mend in this household. I had the dreaded virus. then Mike had it. Last Night we were up at 2.30 with Emma. She was shivering but had a high temp at the same time. It took me back to when she was a toddler and she is 23 now!!!!!
We did a bit of shopping in Sainsbury's. Big mistake. It was manic!!!!!! Are the shops closed for a month????!!!!! You would think so. Anyway we got what we needed, we have friends over for tea tonight.
Here is something else I made. A warm, fluffy scarf. Actually it took me months to make as I was knitting it at night. I usually make cards or some other project during the evening and was very reluctant to give up card making time for knitting time!
Anyway I am glad I have made it as it is so warm.
Have any of you knittred anything recently? I would love to see what you have made
Speak to you next year!
hugs Sarah x


  1. Hi Sarah,love the scarf, just my type. Sorry you have all had the dreaded virus, so have we all except Brian amazingly enough. He is a little better after the stroke but we still have a long way to go but I am hoping that 2011 will be a better year. Happy New Year to you and your family and I hope to put some time aside next year for some me time and be back joining you all in blog and craft land.
    Max x

  2. Such a beautiful scarf.. looks warm.. Happy New Year!!
    Hugs, Linda

  3. gorgeous scarf sarah.i can`t knit for toffee,lol.
    happy new year hun :D
    xx coops xx

  4. Hi Sarah
    I haven't knitted for years, I used to sew and crochet as well, but paper, glue, inks and glue have got me now hehe. Love your scarf though.
    Hope Emma is feeling better and that you are all ok.
    I wish you a happy, healthy and peaceful 2011 and hope it is all you wish for yourself.
    Thankyou for being such a lovely blogging friend.
    luv and hugs {brenda} xoxox

  5. Oh that looks lovely and soft Sarah. Me and knitting are not a match made in heaven.....

    I hope you're all much better now - here's to 2011.

  6. Happy New Year Sarah!

    Wow, this is so gorgeous and looks warm and snuggly! I have never knitted - just don't have the patience!

    You were asking about my flower - I made with the My Favorite Things Dienamics rolled rose die. I can't seemn to find it on sale anymore but you can see it on this post here...

    I've got a spare one (yep, another duplicate purchase, lol!!) if you want it? Let me know!



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