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Sunday, 18 October 2009

2nd batch of cards The Greetings Farm Anya and Ian

Hope you are all having a good weekend. It's a bit chilly but thankfully my heating is working again. Did you watch X Factor and Strictly last night?
Wasn't little Lloyd so cute when he went up to Cheryl when she was upset11 And what about Brendan protecting Jo when the judges were being unkind. Ah chivalry is not dead after all.
I am glued to Dancing with the Stars as my fave boy of all time Donny Osmond is in it. I even STOP card making to watch him. He is so good, not as good as some of the girls though. But I think he will be in for a few more weeks.
Well here are some more of my cards made for Hotshotcrafts to show at Glasgow and the NEC

Problems with Blogger uploading photos so I will post them as soon as possible
Love Sarah XXX


  1. Looking forward to seeing your cards Sarah as I am starting to get very into the whiff of Joy ones. I love strictly but dont watch x-factor, and I know what you mean about dancing with the stars, Donny was my pin up too. I can still see him singing puppy love.

  2. oooh hun, I love your delish cards, the colours and images are gorgeous!
    Hugs Tab xxx



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