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Thursday, 24 December 2009

TGF 12 Days of Sketches - Day 1

I was listening to the weather yesterday when they said no more snow and guess what? I looked outside and it was SNOWING!!!!! Do they ever get it right?

Anyway have you heard about the challenge at TGF - 12 sketches for 12 days?
I have done sketches 1 and 2 so far. They are really great to work with and you should see some of the entries. Unbelievable. Don't know why I'm entering then.
Below is sketch 1 and also some pics of my garden with the snow that wasn't coming!!!!
Will post the 2nd sketch in a bit
Love Sarah XXX


  1. love this cute image...and our garden looks pretty much the same..but the kids are loving it!! have a very merry christmas..Debs x

  2. So sweet, awesome job on the sketch.



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